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Submersible Pressure Transmitter

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Submersible Pressure Transmitter

The piezoresistive thin-film measuring cell of the industrial pressure transmitter SPT is made of stainless steel and, by welding, firmly bonded with the process connection. It is absolutely vaccum tight and leakage of internal sealings due to material fatigue is ruled out right from the start. It does not contain any disturbing pressure transfer fluids and no large pressurized surfaces. Connection to the connection pins is made by gold bonding making it absolutely sturdy even in case of low temperatures, shocks or vibrations. Signal processing of the measurement bridge is effected by a mixed-signal ASIC and its countless variant diversity makes the SPT a true all-rounder.

  • NewTek miniature LVDT applications
  • Hydraulics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical Technology
  • Mobile Hydraulics
  • Water Technology
  • Gas Technology